Welcome to Faculty of Health Sciences

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you on behalf of Faculty of Health Sciences team to our official faculty website.

Today the world has seen a remarkable growth and necessity for the services of professionals in health sciences field. It is indispensable for academic institutions around the world to make response to the situation.

We are delighted to say that our institution able to provide highly skilled, multi-disciplinary and flexible accredited health sciences academic programmes. Our faculty also keeps abreast with rapid revolutionary advances in research and innovation of healthcare fields.

With applicable strategic planning set up from the ground, our faculty has moved forward and capable to provide committed academic team who are dedicated, experienced and highly skilled to accomplish the vision and mission of the university and country.

We proudly invite you to browse our faculty website to find out more about us. Please feel free to contact us and we are looking forward to welcoming you as a part of Faculty of Health Sciences UNISEL family.


Dr. Mohd Nazif Samat @ Darawi


Faculty of Health Sciences

Universiti Selangor